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Hiab announces the introduction of HiPerform

Hiab, part of Cargotec, announces the introduction of HiPerform™, a suite of smart solutions to maximise the Hiab equipment lifecycle value by optimising the performance and productivity of operators, equipment and fleets.

“HiPerform is a milestone in Hiab’s digitalisation journey and proves our dedication to using technology to keep everyday life moving. Each product in the suite addresses different challenges in a product’s lifetime to maximise the equipment lifecycle value,” says Michael Bruninx, Senior Vice President, Services, Hiab.

HiPerform is the umbrella brand for a range of smart solutions. There are currently three solutions to optimise operator performance, equipment efficiency and fleet productivity.

ProCare™ service contracts provide proactive maintenance and expert assistance to maximise uptime, equipment performance, reliability and lifespan. This comprehensive service contract solution for Hiab equipment will soon be expanded with a remote monitoring and diagnostic service.

HiConnect™ provides near real-time data about the health and performance of Hiab equipment. This telematics solution can be used to identify potential issues and make data-driven decisions about fleet safety and utilisation.

HiSkill™ is a Virtual Reality training simulator to train both new and experienced crane operators in a safe, scalable and cost-effective manner.

The availability and specifics of the smart solutions within HiPerform may vary, catering to the unique demands and nuances of each market.

Maria Lindroos, Director, Digital Services Transformation, Hiab, comments: “We are excited to introduce HiPerform to our customers. This is the result of Hiab’s on-going investments in new technologies, digital capabilities and solutions, and service network to serve our customers proactively. By bundling the solutions under the HiPerform brand, we are making the value proposition easier to understand for our customers.”

“HiPerform transforms Hiab from not only an equipment supplier into a strategic partner for the customers by safeguarding their equipments’ lifecycle value through operational efficiency. By taking a load off their mind, they can fully focus on core activities and profitability,” says Michael Bruninx, Senior Vice President, Services, Hiab.

For this launch, Hiab has created the communication concept Take a load off, which emphasises the human aspect of HiPerform’s benefits in real-life scenarios. As part of a campaign, Hiab will release a series of videos featuring an operator explaining the benefits of HiPerform.