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Jumbo attends TU Delft Offshore Technology Company day

On 22nd February, Jumbo participated in a company day hosted by the student association Dispuut Offshore Technology (DOT) from the Delft University of Technology Civil Engineering faculty’s Offshore & Dredging Engineering MSc.

The event was held in the faculty’s old library in the city of Delft and attended by Jumbo together with Seaway 7, Subsea 7 and transition piece (TP) manufacturer Smulders. The four companies are well known to one another, having jointly contributed to a number of renewable energy projects, most recently the Dogger Bank offshore wind farm.

In recent months, Jumbo has been participating in a growing number of student-related events in a bid to develop its connections with educations establishments and learners. The initiative is the work of Bas Milatz and Martijn Witvoet, two recent TU Delft graduates working at Jumbo for the past year.

“During our own studies, we saw first hand the benefits of building bridges between the academic and industrial worlds,” says Bas. “When we arrived at Jumbo we saw there were opportunities to develop this theme. The company, with its open and innovative culture, was very encouraging and we have already started to see broader engagement with students as a result.”

During the company day, the Jumbo colleagues delivered a presentation on the company’s operations in the maritime and offshore energy sectors and hosted a stand where students could drop by for a discussion and more information.

The students were also invited to take part in a Jumbo case study, designing a vessel suited to the installation of the next generation of offshore wind farms in the North Sea, and developing a schedule of work for a forthcoming project.

“The results of the case study were impressive,” states Martijn. “The students showed real problem solving skills and innovative, out-of-the-box thinking. The exercise provided us with an opportunity to discuss our shared vision for the maritime energy transition.

“We feel it is very positive to have regular one-to-one contact with the next generation of engineers. These students and graduates represent the future of our industry. As recent graduates ourselves, we are very keen to showcase the potential for a rewarding career at Jumbo – a company offering independence, fun, opportunities for development and the chance to make a real difference to a sustainable future.”

Following the event, a representative of TU Delft said, “At a recent DOT event, I had the pleasure of tackling a real-world engineering challenge alongside other enthusiastic students. The opportunity to freely develop concepts and gain insights from company representatives was invaluable. Witnessing how Jumbo approaches current problems offered a realistic insight into the industry. Overall, the event was not only enjoyable but very educational as well and enhanced my appreciation for the complexities the engineers at Jumbo face.”