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TII vehicles transport components for the Mahatma Gandhi Bridge

Indian bridge construction specialist, S. P. Singla Constructions Pvt. Ltd., has procured SCHEUERLE SPMT PowerHoss 330 modules for manoeuvring 175 t prefabricated concrete elements on the construction site for the realisation of the new Mahatma Gandhi Bridge.

From its Bawal facility, TII India is providing support through a wide range of services whereby the expertise of the TII industry experts for on and off-road heavy transport tasks is also assisting the construction company’s vehicle operators during building operations.

The Mahatma Gandhi Bridge connects the metropolis of Patna on the southern bank of the Ganges River with the city of Hajipur on the northern side, and is one of the most important vehicle routes in the north-eastern Indian state of Bihar. However, the more than 40-year-old structure could no longer accommodate the high volume of traffic. As a result, the Indian Ministry of Transport commissioned S. P. Singla Constructions Pvt. Ltd. (SPSCPL) to build a four-lane, almost 5.6 kilometre long prestressed concrete bridge parallel to the existing structure.

The construction company not only uses modern technologies when building bridges but also relies on innovative transport solutions when it comes to transportation requirements. In order to transport the individual concrete segments for the new Mahatma Gandhi Bridge, each weighing around 175 tonnes, on the construction site, SPSCPL is using the SPMT PowerHoss 330 from the TII Group subsidiary, TII SCHEUERLE, the industry expert for on and off-road heavy-load transport solutions. Each of the self-propelled modular transporters has six axle lines which provides a load-bearing capacity of 330 tonnes. For safely transporting the prefabricated components to the so-called girder launcher, two module transporters are coupled side-by-side. A special bridge crane then positions the prefabricated parts in the designated area of the bridge.

Bauma exhibition vehicle awakened the interest of S.P. Singla Constructions owner
The decision in favour of the SCHEUERLE SPMT PowerHoss 330 was taken at the last bauma. At the show, the SPMT PowerHoss exhibition vehicle and its performance capabilities attracted the interest of the decision-makers at SPSCPL. After negotiations with the TII Group sales team, Rohit Singla, owner of SPSCPL, and Rajeev Kumar Singh, Managing Director of the Indian company, decided to buy the modules just one day later.

TII in India guarantees on-site customer support, service and spare parts supply
Under the umbrella of the TII Group, TII India, with its location and competent team in Bawal, is responsible for the service and spare parts supply for the SPMT PowerHoss as well as advising vehicle operators during use. Through TII India, the TII Group ensures the provision of on-site customer-oriented support using the know-how of an industry leader in the self-propelled modular transporter segment.

SPMT PowerHoss modules are extremely versatile and are used, among other things, in the construction and mining sectors, plant engineering, industry and shipyards. The areas of application include the transport of heavy prefabricated concrete components as well as the moving of steel structures, components used in on- and offshore wind turbines along with the transportation of large excavator and ship segments.

TII SCHEUERLE offers SPMT PowerHoss modules with two, four or six hydraulically supported pendulum axle lines. The two, four and six-axle versions accommodate payloads of up to 85, 180 or 330 tonnes per module respectively. In addition, individual SPMT PowerHoss modules can be easily coupled mechanically laterally and lengthwise using the plug-and-play principle or operated electronically in a loose coupling mode. This means they can also meet even higher payload requirements. Thus, a vehicle combination of four SPMT PowerHoss 330s is able to move loads with a unit weight of up to 1,320 tonnes.

Due to the PPU drive unit (Power Pack Unit) integrated into the transport platform, the SPMT PowerHoss can be used immediately whilst the operator only requires a very short instruction period.

Due to the compact module dimensions, the PowerHoss is also ideally suited for moving loads in tunnels, galleries and hall areas where space for manoeuvring is very limited. In addition, it can be operated on different surfaces, outdoors or in production halls – regardless whether the road surface is made of gravel, asphalt, concrete or similar materials.

SPMT PowerHoss transport modules are based on SPMT series technology which has been tried and tested over decades and thus provides the advantages of conventional SPMT transporters. This includes the robust construction design, hydrostatic drive as well as the electronic multi-directional steering system complete with all known steering programs which facilitates highly precise navigation.