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JSL delivers a telescopic suction pipe to Qatar

JSL Global, representing Qatar in the Project Logistics Alliance, has successfully delivered a telescopic suction pipe from Bahrain to Qatar.

The pipe, measuring 21 x 2.05 x 2.4 meters and weighing 10,614 KG, was transported as road freight through Saudi Arabia. This process meant that the cargo, with a volume of 103.32 m3, had to cross both the Bahraini-Saudi border and the Saudi-Qatari border.

The shipment was destined for one of Qatar’s prominent refinery companies. The transported material was essential for the operations of the plant. JSL Global operated within precise timelines as per the client’s special requests, emphasising adherence to the plan and meeting deadlines. Therefore, thorough pre-planning ensured that all requirements would be met. JSL Global’s thorough planning facilitated the arrangement of gate passes, cross-loading, escort services, and approvals.

The main challenges encountered during this shipment included securing a permit for the Bahrain Causeway and undergoing X-ray scanning of the cargo at the Saudi border. The latter posed difficulty due to the length of the cargo, resulting in redirection to Dammam Port for X-ray scanning.

For the cross-country part of the shipment, a 22-meter trailer was used, with an additional 22-meter long trailer employed for in-country transport to the client’s site. Offloading the pipe required the use of a crane with a spreader bar, and with collaboration of the client’s HSE team, the shipment reached its final destination successfully.

Through this delivery, JSL Global once again demonstrates its dedication to providing efficient services. Congratulations to the JSL Global team on their excellent work.