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Dopravia completes overnight transportation to Slovakia

Dopravia s.r.o, representing Slovakia in the Project Logistics Alliance, has successfully completed a project involving the overnight transportation of six trucks carrying oversized cargo from Kechnec to the Port of Bratislava, Slovakia, for their client, Künz.

Künz is a prominent Austrian manufacturing company specialising in crane construction and operates in Slovakia.

The six trucks traversed 550 kilometres across the country in a carefully planned process by the Dopravia team to minimise disruptions. The cargo, measuring 22 x 6.10 x 4.30 meters and weighing 65 tons collectively, showcases the precision and efficiency of Dopravia’s logistics services. Despite the size of the cargo, the convoy navigated with precision, arriving at its destination in Bratislava within the designated timeframe. The cargo then continued its journey to Antwerp and out of Europe.