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Fagioli uses SCHEUERLE SPMT’s to set world record

Using a total of 880 SCHEUERLE SPMT axle lines, heavy-load logistics provider Fagioli Inc., based in Manvel, Texas (USA), transported an offshore wind turbine installation vessel weighing more than 23,000 tonnes from the port facilities onto three barges from where it was subsequently launched into the water.

In the process, Fagioli set three world records: for the largest number of axle lines under one load, the heaviest weight moved by SPMT axle lines and the heaviest load on wheels transferred onto barges.

Since the introduction of TII SCHEUERLE’s SPMT technology more than 40 years ago, customers of TII SCHEUERLE, the industry expert for heavy load transport solutions for both on and off-road assignments and a TII Group subsidiary, have repeatedly set new world records with the self-propelled modular transporters. Now, the US heavy-load logistics provider Fagioli has raised the bar once again and has improved on the previous record by almost 3,000 tonnes. Positioned on 880 SCHEUERLE SPMT axle lines and using the thrust of 28 PPUs (Power Pack Units), the heavy-load expert transported the 23,163 tonne special ship “Charybdis”, a so-called Wind Turbine Installation Vessel (WTIV), from the shipyard onto the water. This is the heaviest weight ever transported on land on wheels. At the same time, the largest number of axle lines were used for transporting one single load.

On reaching the river bank, the vessel was transferred to three parallel positioned barges also by means of the 880 SCHEUERLE SPMT axle lines. With a total weight of 26,900 tonnes, this also marked a new world record: the heaviest barge load transported on wheels for boarding a ship. The WTIV was subsequently launched into the water.

Filippo Baldassari, Managing Director of TII Group, expressed his delight accordingly: “We at TII SCHEUERLE are immensely proud of the fact that our products have made such a milestone possible in the heavy-load industry. The new record not only proves the superb performance of our SPMTs but it also impressively demonstrates the tireless innovative strength and determination of our customers. Their successes are also our successes! We look forward to continuing to achieve new heights of performance together and shaping the future of heavy-load logistics.”

With this special transport, Fagioli and TII SCHEUERLE are also driving the energy transition. The WTIV plays a significant role in the construction of offshore wind turbines in the USA. The “Charybdis” is the first vessel of its kind to comply with the Jones Act requirements. This regulation stipulates that all transportation between American ports may only be provided by vessels that were built in the States and owned by US citizens who hold an appropriate transportation licence. This also applies to the transport of people and goods to offshore wind turbine facilities.

Fagioli has been successfully using SCHEUERLE SPMTs since the 1980s
WITVs transport components such as turbines and rotor blades to construction sites at sea. Among other things, they are equipped with large cranes for assembling the components. US energy company, Dominion Energy, had the “Charybdis” built in the Seatrium AmFELS shipyard in Texas.

The heavy-load logistics experts at Fagioli, headquartered in Italy, have been relying on SPMT axle lines from TII SCHEUERLE since the 1980s. The three new world records show once again just how powerful the SPMT modules from TII SCHEUERLE are and why TII SCHEUERLE is recognised as the world’s leading provider of heavy-duty transport solutions.

The idea of a 2,430 millimetre wide modular platform transporter which corresponded to container dimensions came about in 1983. This size ensures that the transport solution can be shipped to the most remote locations worldwide in the shortest possible time while simultaneously being as economical as possible while using a standard container (flat rack). The wide range of options for mechanically or electronically coupling SCHEUERLE SPMT axle lines in a loose coupling mode therefore make theoretically unlimited payloads possible. One or more Power Pack Units (PPU), which can be coupled to the SCHEUERLE SPMT modules as required, generate the energy for the hydrostatic drive, steering system and lifting operations. The technical basis of the SCHEUERLE SPMT is provided by the hydraulically supported pendulum axle as well as the electronic multi-directional steering. SCHEUERLE SPMT modules are available with 3, 4, 5, 6 or 8 axle lines whereby modern types of tyres allow axle loads of up to 60 tonnes.

SPMTs from TII SCHEUERLE represent the largest number of SPMT axle lines available on the market worldwide. For this reason, the company has been repeatedly recognised as a world market leader by the renowned business magazine, WirtschaftsWoche. As a result, customers around the world can conveniently rent SCHEUERLE SPMT axle lines or use cooperation partners with compatible modules to carry out super-heavy heavy transport assignments.