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Walsall Builders chooses Briggs and Hyster A-Series

Walsall Builders & Timber Merchant Ltd, has invested in a new Hyster A-Series forklift.

As the most fuel-efficient model in its class, this new machine will help drive down operating costs and improve productivity.

Given the busy and demanding site environment, any forklift needs to be capable of operating at high intensity. The A-Series ticks every box in this regard, whilst also providing operators with the ability to work with full visibility and in comfort.

Additionally, a big factor in choosing this machine was the fact that it came equipped with a cabin, providing a roof for workers who are outside all day and can therefore stay dry.

Niall Hession, Sales Development Executive, said: “Walsall Builders are a long-term partner of Briggs so making sure that the forklift they receive is right for them is extremely important.

“This will be a reliable piece of equipment for the customer and will provide a dry working environment for the operators there. The A-Series is a really robust machine, and will be able to deliver exactly what they need from both a performance, ergonomic and fuel efficient perspective.

“We are looking to continuing our partnership with them and ensuring that they get the most out of their new equipment.”

Walsall Builders said: “We are very pleased with this new machine; the roofed cabin will make a huge difference to our operators who work outside all day and the visibility from the cabin could not be any better.”