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ABL and MGL cooperate on cancer treatment installation

ABL DISSACO and MGL Cargo Services, fellow PCN Members from Belgium and Egypt, are pleased to report the safe and successful delivery of a cancer treatment installation which they collaborated on.

After more than two years of preparation, the two companies securely transported a cancer treatment installation to the Cari Children Hospital in Cairo. The delivery was completed door-to-door.

“This special type of installation is the first of its kind in the African continent!”

The main elements of this consignment consisted of the following: GCTR measuring 9.95 (L) x 4.98 (W) x 4.00 (H) meters (101 T); S2C2 Cyclo measuring 4.00 (L) x 3.60 (W) x 3.02 (H) meters (60 T); Counterweight measuring 4.10 (L) x 1.90 (W) x 3.56 (H) meters (33 T); 10 x 40′ HC shipper’s owned containers with parts; 40’ FR shipper’s OOW.

Many internal and external meetings were held, gathering all involved parties from the manufacturer up to the final buyer, to point out the major obstacles that could obstruct such a delicate movement.

“We would like to thank all our stakeholders in Belgium and in Egypt who have participated in this project for their enthusiasm & support to make it a concrete success.”