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Anker Logistica completes Genset Shipment

Anker Logistica Complete Genset Shipment from Houston to Cartagena.

Anker Logistica, our Members in Colombia, recently managed a genset shipment and overcame difficulties in the transportation process.

The cargo was shipped from Houston to Cartagena, Colombia, with Anker completing all EXW coordination to send the cargo from the shipper’s premises to the final destination field in Colombia on behalf of their client.

Anker were required to adapt their logistics process due to the size of their cargo. Featuring dimensions of 913.8 cbm and weighing 127 MT, the extra height and width made getting to Colombia with a lack of road space and small truck roads a challenge for everyone involved.

These generator sets – three in total – are used in the drilling and excavation processes of the oil field and increase the overall performance of all equipment related to the extraction of natural gas and the pipeline transportation of these resources to the end users.

“We managed to pick up the cargo, deliver it in perfect condition to the Houston Industrial terminal, ship it to Colombia in a special bulk cargo vessel, perform the entire loading process in Colombia and confirm the final destination, according to our client’s request and needs.”