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Felbermayr takes delivery of 18th City crane

One can never have too many Tadano AC 3.045-1 City cranes – that seems to be a fair description of the approach pursued by Felbermayr, which is headquartered in the Austrian city of Wels and recently ordered three of these cranes from Zweibrücken.

In fact, Tadano Sales Manager Hans Asam just handed over Felbermayr’s 18th City crane.

With its large order, Felbermayr is continuing with its plan of gradually replacing its Demag AC 40 City cranes: “We’ve had a bunch of these predecessors of the current AC 3.045-1 City hard at work for many years, and they’ve always delivered outstanding work results. That’s why we didn’t hesitate to replace the cranes with this upgraded model – especially since it’s even better in every possible way,” says Felbermayr Managing Director Peter Stöttinger when explaining his company’s purchase decision.

He also explicitly points to the extremely compact design behind the AC 3.045-1 City and the crane’s extraordinary lifting capacity as crucial advantages. There is also the unit’s powerful ability to telescope under load, which he says is yet another point in favor of the City crane from Zweibrücken: “These characteristics make it the ideal machine for work in tight spaces. And that means that this Tadano is our go-to crane for tight work sites in urban areas and, above all, for indoor work,” Peter Stöttinger highlights.

It is worth mentioning that the cranes from Zweibrücken and Lauf are a fixture in the Austrian company’s fleet when it comes to other jobs as well: Felbermayr not only has the full range of City models from the AC 30 to the AC 60, but also a large number of AC all terrain cranes from the AC 50-3 to the AC 220-5, ATF cranes from the ATF 40G-2 to the ATF 160G-5, and the HK 40.