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Bansard Israel donates for Easter 2022

Friday, April 15 marked a special day in Israel and for many Jews around the world.

It is the Jewish Passover, also known as Pesach, which celebrates the Exodus, the liberation of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. This festive day was also an opportunity for Bansard teams to participate in charity work.

In Kiryat Tivon, about 20 minutes from Haifa, an association founded by a private person organized a donation for needy families. Among the participants were boys and girls, adults, the municipality, the residents of the neighborhood and the surrounding area.

Seven Bansard Israel employees participated the charity event: five of them packed the food products in boxes, two of them made the delivery by their car and brought the boxes to the families in the Haifa area.

In total, food products were distributed to about 200 needy families. The boxes contained meat, fruits, vegetables, dry goods and of course Kosher food for Pesach.

It was an exciting and empowering experience to see all these people donating so much food with their free time to make needy ones happy for Pesach

“For a long time, we have wanted to make a contribution to the community as part of our regular work, but there has always been pressure and workload – this time thanks to Pesach, we did it. It was the first time but we will continue. We consider it is very important to contribute to our environment beyond money” said Shimrit from Bansard Israel.

After the donation, Bansard Israel organised a Passover toast for all their local staff.

“We really enjoyed it and were happy to get out of the work routine and just give of ourselves without getting anything and beyond that it creates a bond between the employees. In conclusion, we exist by what we receive, but we live from what we give!”