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Blue Bell Shipping completes transport to the Kurdistan Region

Our Iraqi member, Blue Bell Shipping, has been delivering high-quality logistics solutions for their clients since 1987.

Their latest project was to transport skid tank structures and related accessories from Dubai to the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, using a series of out-of-gauge 40 ft flat racks. The cargo was loaded in Jebel Ali, UAE, discharged in Mersin Port, Turkey. The final delivery location was the project site, an oilfield in North Iraq.

The cargo consisted of: Multiple flat racks with dimensions L 8.8M x W 4.2M x H 2.96M – 14mt per flat rack; Ancillary load consisted of spools, ladders, handrails and expansion tanks in 40ft FRs.

The challenge of this project was that the legs of the tank skid top were too wide for the flat racks. As a solution, a special wooden base was created to fit and stabilize the legs. This stabilization allowed them to place ancillary cargo within the width of the lengths to reduce the total number of flat racks and help minimize their client’s logistics expenses.

In this project, there was another challenge too, which was about the arrival time of the shipping. The vessel’s arrival time was updated, and arrived earlier at the POL than the scheduled time. In spite of the unique loading and dunnage requirements, Blue Bell Shipping Team quickly expedited the packing and customs procedures. This helped them position the numerous flat racks to meet the vessel cut off on short notice.

Despite all the challenges, the Blue Bell Shipping team completed the project without any delay, and their client received their cargo on time to maintain their project timeline.