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AGL completes shipment from Brazil to Germany

Project Logistics Alliance is happy to share that Alexander Global Logistics (AGL), a founding member of the network representing Germany, has successfully completed a shipment from Brazil to Germany.

The shipment is part of a project executed in Brazil by the AGL team in collaboration with Grupo V. Santos, a member of the Project Logistics Alliance representing Brazil, and Bohnet GmbH, the Heavy Haulage Partner of the network based in Germany.

Grupo V. Santos took the lead in Brazil, orchestrating the logistical journey and ensuring a seamless transition from FCA terms in Brazil to DAP terms in Germany. Skillfully managing the complexities of logistics, Grupo V. Santos handled pre-carriage transport in Brazil, coordinated port operations alongside the AGL team, and arranged RORO shipping to Antwerp. Once in Antwerp, the AGL team facilitated a smooth customs process, followed by loading the cargo onto Bohnet’s trucks. Meticulous planning by the AGL team ensured precise, just-in-time pickup in Antwerp, successfully avoiding storage fees and facilitating seamless on-carriage transport to the end customer.

Throughout this challenging process, the expertise and commitment of both AGL and Grupo V Santos played a crucial role in providing reliable services. The project involved handling heavy pieces weighing up to 65 tons and utilizing vehicles measuring up to 35 meters in length for on-carriage transport.

This cross-continental project ignites curiosity about the future logistical challenges that AGL, Grupo V Santos, and Bohnet GmbH will conquer together. With their teams tirelessly working to expand their reach across the globe, the possibilities for all involved seem boundless.