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Barrus provides insight to energy attendees

On April 5, Barrus Projects took part in the 14th annual conference “Russian Energy: Rebooting the Industry”, which was held at the InterContinental Hotel in Moscow.

The conference was attended by top and middle-rank managers of electric power and sales companies, major electricity consumers, suppliers of power equipment, design engineering, construction companies and others.

The conference was an excellent opportunity to discuss changes in the electric power industry, which are taking place under the influence of the current geopolitical situation. Despite the difficulties, experts see the ongoing changes as a shake-up and possibility for additional opportunities in the industry. The main task for today is to restore logistics and find new solutions for the delivery of goods, as well as the development of domestic analogues of equipment and technologies that were massively purchased abroad. Also, one of the key topics of discussion was carbon neutrality, which should be achieved by 2060.

Barrus Projects expresses its gratitude for the invitation to take part in the conference and the opportunity to receive relevant industry information.