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Faymonville completes Korean rocket puzzle

The long-awaited mission to launch a three-stage space rocket called Nuri is underway in South Korea after months of preparations. This project was conceived using technologies, which has been developed in their own country.

The manufacturer of the 22-ton rocket is the Korean Aerospace Research Institute KARI. The Naro Space Center in Goheung, South Jeolla Province, is the site of this event of national significance.

The whole endeavour is a key project for the Korean aerospace industry, which confides in the reliable transport technology from Faymonville. The rocket is transported on two 5-axle self-propelled ModulMAX vehicles in an open combination with turntables over a distance of about two kilometres from the assembly building to the launch pad.

“We’re very proud,” explains the team of distributor Bokook, which supports the customer on-site with its technical expertise. The vehicle combination has an overall length of 47.5 metres and a total gross weight of 200 tons, including the supporting structure for the rocket.

When everything is in position as planned, the countdown begins: … 3, 2, 1 ……. Go! Eyes turn to the sky as all participants are eager to see the launch of the rocket.

The Nuri rocket is powered by a liquid propellant consisting of kerosene and liquid oxygen. The white column gradually disappears out of sight. The Faymonville modules are one of the decisive pieces of the puzzle in this project.

The modular vehicle scores with its safe and easy handling, even with such a delicate load on board.