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Scholpp takes delivery of additional Tadano cranes

Scholpp is something of a frequent flyer at Tadano. In fact, representatives from the crane services firm recently had cause to visit Zweibrücken twice in the space of just four weeks.

The first of these occasions was when Scholpp’s Ludwigshafen Branch Manager Heinz Schuh took delivery of the firm’s third AC 4.080-1. And the second was when Leonberg Branch Manager Stephan Burkhardt arrived to pick up the final of the four AC 4.080-1 units purchased by Scholpp under a “bulk order” placed last year. He was accompanied by the manager of his Stuttgart workshop, Roman Nierobisch, and crane operator Sascha Riotte. In both instances, the cranes were handed over by Tadano Sales Manager Michael Zieger.

There is a reason Scholpp ordered four of these cranes all at once: the AC 4.080-1 offers a truly outstanding range of benefits. “Not only is the crane extremely compact and maneuverable, it also has an impressively large 60-meter boom length,” says Heinz Schuh. He is equally impressed with the AC 4.080-1 unit’s ease of operation and the fact that it can handle a large number of lifts even with the standard equipment. All this makes “his” new crane the ideal machine for taking care of a wide range of tasks at the BASF factory premises in Ludwigshafen, where it will be working in the future.

Scholpp was also persuaded by the AC 4.080-1’s outstanding cost-effectiveness. “The benefits here include the highly efficient single-engine design and, of course, the IC‑1 Plus crane control system, which in many cases reduces costs by eliminating the need for separate counterweight trucks,” says Stephan Burkhardt. He also loves the fact that Scholpp’s new AC 4.080-1 units are pre-equipped with connections for the electrohydraulic e-Pack, giving the company the option of powering them electrically. “The e-Pack enables quiet, zero-emission operation, which makes the crane even more versatile because it can also be used in noise-sensitive areas of production halls and near hospitals,” he explains. Another decisive benefit of the AC 4.080-1 is something it shares with many other Tadano cranes: its compact design. This makes the machine extremely maneuverable and hence ideal for tight work sites. “With all these features and benefits, the AC 4.080-1 is a genuine all-rounder, with a level of versatility virtually unrivalled in its class,” says Burkhardt, who, now that Scholpp has taken delivery of the fourth of these cranes, is confident that his branch is now optimally positioned in this category.

And the fact that the AC 4.080-1, just like all other Tadano cranes, is perfectly designed to meet its users’ needs is something that Heinz Schuh attributes to a very specific strength that Tadano has in spades: “They really have their finger on the pulse of the market and implement their customers’ feedback whenever possible – the AC 4.080-1 is proof!”