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Huisman to deliver deepwater Boom crane for Coastal International

Huisman has been awarded its first contract from Coastal International Marine Inc. for the delivery of a deepwater Knuckle Boom Crane (KBC).

Coastal International Marine Inc. is part of the Coastal Contracts Bhd. Group, a global integrated oil & gas services and energy infrastructure solutions provider based in Malaysia.

Huisman to deliver deepwater Knuckle Boom Crane for Coastal International Marine Inc.

The Knuckle Boom Crane has a lifting capacity of 100mt and features a deepwater winch and active heave compensation.

Huisman recently introduced its optimised KBC series, designed specifically for the offshore subsea construction market. The optimised models align with the latest trends in offshore construction vessels, emphasising enhanced energy efficiency, advanced automation, and improved safety features. This crane type can optionally be delivered fully electric, with patented electrical integration with the vessel’s battery banks.

This is Huisman’s second contract for this series; in March a Japanese construction company ordered a similar 100mt Knuckle Boom Crane destined for integration into its latest cable-lay and construction vessel.

Alice Ng, Director of Coastal International Marine Inc.: “We are delighted to have selected Huisman to provide us with the Knuckle Boom Crane for our fast-track project. With Huisman’s impressive track record, we are confident that the crane will be delivered on time and will be of the best design and quality. We hope to have future opportunities to work with them again.”

Timon Ligterink, Commercial Director APAC of Huisman: “We are grateful for Coastal International Marine’s trust and confidence in awarding this order to Huisman. Since introducing our improved and competitive Huisman Knuckle Boom Cranes, we have had productive discussions with them, and we are delighted to welcome them as a new client. This energy-efficient and heave compensated Knuckle Boom Crane will enable Coastal International Marine Inc. to serve its clients reliably and efficiently. We look forward to further strengthening our relationship with them through this order.”

The crane and winch will be manufactured in Asia ensuring a short delivery time for Coastal International Marine Inc.

Features & benefits of the Huisman subsea Knuckle Boom Cranes range:Standard version includes Huisman’s proprietary secondary controlled hydraulics; Comes with latest version of the Huisman developed and dedicated motion controller “HMC 05c”; Optionally, a fully electrically driven active heave compensation system can optionally be integrated, resulting in high-efficient energy use, reduced maintenance, and high reliability; Optionally, Huisman’s award-winning and patented fibre rope subsea deployment system can be integrated.