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TII KAMAG grants TII environmental bonus

The TII Group, which also includes TII KAMAG, is committed to providing greater sustainability in the transport and logistics industry.

As part of a time-limited campaign, TII KAMAG is granting a “TII environmental bonus” on the purely electrically powered KAMAG ePrecisionMover (ePM) swap body transporter. This bonus makes the purchase of the environmentally-friendly vehicle more economically attractive and supports customers in switching to emission-free drive technologies.

After the Federal Government stopped major funding programmes for climate-friendly commercial vehicles, TII KAMAG has taken the initiative and launched a time-limited environmental bonus campaign for the KAMAG ePrecisionMover. From 19th June through to 31st December 2024, TII KAMAG is offering a bonus amounting to €70,000 on the net list price of the KAMAG ePM.

“Through our campaign, we are ensuring that the drive system change that is so important for the environment and climate does not falter and come to a standstill, and hence we are offering all our customers an attractive environmental bonus from our own resources. This means that the purchase of the KAMAG ePM will pay off in economic terms even sooner,” explained Jürgen Haupt, Head of Sales Yard Logistics at TII KAMAG. The bonus is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis: “Whoever orders first benefits from our bonus. In order to ensure that as many companies as possible have a chance to benefit from the attractive conditions, we are limiting the number of discounted vehicles to five per customer.”

The KAMAG ePM allows precise, fast and safe handling of swap bodies of all conventional sizes as well as semi-trailers and trailers without sacrificing operating comfort, ergonomics and functionality when compared to diesel-powered models. The purely electric drive guarantees quiet and locally emission-free operations which benefits both the environment and health of employees.

At the beginning of this year, TII KAMAG launched the third generation of the KAMAG ePM onto the market. Compared to the previous model, it also makes a very convincing case through numerous technological innovations that make the vehicle a powerful and sustainable solution for transporting swap bodies. The vehicle voltage has been increased to allow, among other things, faster charging, greater energy efficiency and reduced turnaround times.

Equipped with a standardised battery pack consisting of four Webasto batteries with a total capacity of 140 kWh, the KAMAG ePM can be operated continuously for up to 10 hours depending on the operating conditions. A complete recharge is possible in only 90 minutes. Charging is carried out using direct current at an HPC charging station by means of the proven CCS 2.0 plug which is commonly used in passenger car sector. The maximum charging power is 100 kW. The system also facilitates efficient intermediate charging to keep the KAMAG ePM in continuous operation. With a consumption of 12 kW per operating hour, the KAMAG ePM can, for example, recharge its batteries in only 25 minutes after 3.5 hours of use.

From 19th June through to 31st December 2024, the TII Group is promoting a sustainable future in yard logistics and is offering a “TII environmental bonus” for the KAMAG ePrecisionMover electric swap body transporter. The amount of the bonus is set at €70,000 on the net purchase price. The number of vehicles available is limited to twenty. Once these have been sold, the promotional offer will end. A maximum of five vehicles can be purchased per customer at the discounted price. The relevant date for granting the bonus is the receipt of the binding order. The bonus cannot be combined with other discounts. The offer is only valid for customers based in European countries who do not receive any government subsidies for purchasing electric commercial vehicles during the specified period of this promotion.