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R&B Global teams up with Afriguide

R&B Global Projects Ltd., representing Croatia and Serbia in our network, recently undertook the task of relocating a dismantled re-agent plant from an inland village in Gauteng Province, South Africa, to its final destination in Croatia.

This complex operation involved the transportation of various components, including dust collectors, hoppers, beams, and tanks, among others. The journey spanned from the initial pickup in South Africa, through the port of Durban, to eventual delivery at Rijeka port in Croatia, before further inland trucking to the final destination.

Recognising the intricacies of this shipment, R&B Global Projects enlisted the expertise of their trusted partner and fellow Project Logistics Alliance member from South Africa, Afriguide Logistics, to navigate the logistical challenges. Through efficient communication and strategic planning, the collaboration proved fruitful, securing the project for the team from their Bosnian clients.

However, the execution of the plan was not without its hurdles. Delays in production, changing designs, and port congestion in Durban added complexity to the operation. It proved to be a formidable challenge to arrange the transportation of all components onto six flat racks and four standard containers, a logistical puzzle that required scrupulous planning and coordination, ultimately extending the duration of the operation to a total of two months.

Despite the challenges, the seamless coordination between all parties involved ensured a triumphant outcome. From coordinating with shippers in South Africa to liaising with Bosnian clients, every step of the process was diligently managed. The components were carefully packed, lashed, and shipped out, showcasing a commendable level of professionalism.

In a remarkable turn of events, the collaboration also facilitated the urgent delivery of additional components directly to Bosnia, underscoring the effectiveness of the partnership. After the project was completed, both the clients and partners expressed satisfaction with the outcome. This project’s success is evidence of the power of effective networking and collaboration with the Project Logistics Alliance.