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DEME publishes its Annual Report 2023

DEME is releasing its 2023 Annual Report today, marking the second report since the company’s stock listing in 2022.

As announced at the end of February, the results underscore the company’s solid trajectory, including a notable 22% increase in the orderbook and a record-high turnover of 3.3 billion euros. The year was defined by significant advancements in geographic expansion, the introduction of innovative vessels, substantial growth, and several major wins.

In their joint message in the Annual Report, CEO Luc Vandenbulcke and Chairman Luc Bertrand, emphasise: “We are pleased to say that all of our four segments, Offshore Energy, Dredging & Infra, Environmental and Concessions, have put in a strong performance. Our strategy of leveraging the synergies between them with mutual reinforcement is certainly working.”

“Behind our success is an immense amount of hard work, determination, smart thinking, and ingenuity. Our people are renowned for their inventive, innovative spirit and their commitment. They work every day to ensure we deliver on our promises to our customers worldwide. We would personally like to thank them for the huge efforts they have made in 2023.”

The Annual Report showcases DEME’s commitment to building a better, more liveable world. DEME is at the forefront of the energy transition, actively addressing critical global challenges: climate change, a growing population and urbanisation, increasing maritime trade and environmental issues. The report details our eight key sustainability themes, highlighting our dedication to sustainable performance and the progress achieved throughout the year.