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EXG transports huge equipment for Indian refinery

Express Global Logistics (EXG), member to the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) in India, added one more feat to their list of accomplishments by successfully executing the internal shifting of 31 pieces of heavy equipment units for as a part of the Mega PX-PTA project at the Paradip Refinery.

The equipment was delivered in a narrow timeframe to meet the client’s timelines, achieving an extraordinary turnaround time of 5 to 6 hours per piece, showcasing EXG’s commitment, customer-centric approach while maintaining highest standards in safety, and precision.

The equipment, including the Isomar Reactor, Finishing Columns, Power Transformer, Gas Compressor, and Xylene Column, each weighing between 500 ton to 1160 ton with exotic metallurgy, further underscores EXG’s capability to handle complex tasks efficiently.

Among these critical units, the heaviest weighed 1160 ton with dimensions of 74 metres in length, 9.5 metres in width, and 10.3 metres in height. The longest unit movement of 90 meter length weighing 600 ton involved jacking the equipment onto the SPMT (Self-Propelled Modular Transporter).

This operation required 56 SPMT axle lines in various configurations, along with 2 power pack units. Additionally, 4 hydraulic jacks with a capacity of 200 ton each, coupled with power packs, were utilised for jacking up the equipment to achieve the necessary axle insertion height. EXG leveraged its own SPMTs and hydraulic jacks, which significantly contributed to cost-effectiveness.

EXG’s exemplary handling of all 31 pieces of this critical equipment during the Mega PX-PTA project at Paradip Refinery underscores the operational team’s expertise and EXG’s commitment to excellence and growth in delivering high-quality solutions to clients.