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DGL successfully transports trucks across the Equator

Project Logistics Alliance is delighted to announce the successful completion of a project undertaken by Denholm Good Logistics (DGL), representing Ireland in the alliance.

This achievement marks a significant transport success story across the Equator.

DGL’s Sheffield-based Project Forwarding division collaborated with Transport Paris International (TPI) to provide specialised out-of-gauge logistics services for this project. The project scope included transporting electric baggage trucks from China and arriving by sea in the UK. DGL also played a crucial role in facilitating import customs clearance for TPI.

The journey commenced in Shanghai, with the 10 tractors covering a distance of approximately 10,000 km across the equator. This extensive journey posed significant challenges, demanding meticulous planning. DGL’s Project Forwarding team effectively coordinated and assisted in executing this complex shipment.

Highlighting its commitment to reliability, DGL showcased its capabilities in safe handling, devanning, and delivering specialised tractors loaded in three standard containers by the supplier. Despite the tight load, DGL successfully devanned the units, demonstrating their proficiency in managing challenging logistics scenarios.

DGL’s industry experience and knowledge played a pivotal role in meeting TPI and their clients’ requirements throughout the shipment process, including the UK leg of the transit. The team maintained continuous communication with TPI, providing regular updates on the progress. This ensured that timeframes and cost efficiencies were adhered to at each process stage.

The partnership with DGL allowed TPI to expand its collaboration with an innovative solutions provider and ensured adherence to business requirements and customer specifications. The successful delivery of the shipment to the final site in LHR, in the same condition as it left the manufacturing site at its origin, marks the conclusion of a triumphant journey.