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Bertling honors International Day of Forests

As Bertling honor the International Day of Forests, they’re excited to invite you to join them in recognizing the invaluable role forests play in sustaining life on our planet.

Beyond being biodiverse habitats, forests provide essential resources vital to human well-being, including clean air, water, timber, and medicine.

At Bertling, we’re deeply committed to this cause. That’s why we’re proud to participate in three impactful reforestation and forest protection projects spanning Indonesia, Ethiopia, and Brazil. Discover more about our initiatives on our sustainability section and see how we’re making a difference!

This year, let’s renew our dedication to global forest conservation. Whether it’s through tree planting, supporting reforestation endeavors, or advocating for forest-friendly policies, each of us has a crucial role in safeguarding these precious ecosystems for future generations.

Join us as we celebrate Forest Day together and ignite action for a greener, healthier future for all.