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Sarens performs heavy lift at Tereos Starch & Sweeteners Europe facility

Sarens was asked to lift an evaporator and separator in a busy city center in Aalst, Belgium.

In a remarkable feat of engineering and coordination, Sarens lifted an evaporator and separator along with several smaller pieces necessary for the facility’s operations at the Tereos Starch & Sweeteners Europe facility in Aalst, Belgium. The lifts were completed within a tight timeframe and challenging conditions. The project, which involved maneuvering heavy equipment in a small area in the center of the city, required meticulous planning and execution.

The congested site, coupled with the bustling urban environment, necessitated coordination with local authorities, including the police, to ensure minimal disruption to the surrounding area. Moreover, wind restrictions added an extra layer of complexity, requiring constant monitoring and adjustment to ensure the safety of the operation.

The heaviest piece of equipment, weighing 150 T and to be lifted to a height of over 50 meters high, posed a significant challenge. To maneuver such massive components within the confined space, Sarens decided to move one AC700 crane equipped with a luffing jib from our France department, another 450 T from the Netherlands, and a second AC700 cranes also equipped with a luffing jib. Complementing these were mobile cranes including a LTM1100, and LTM1110, each carefully selected to meet the demands of the task at hand.

The equipment was rigged using more than 20 transports. The mobilisation and demobilisation of equipment took around two days each. Additionally, the installation of the luffer jibs proved challenging due to the limited space, requiring precise engineering skills and careful coordination.

The transportation of the evaporator and separator, along with the smaller pieces, was facilitated by vessels, particularly navigating through small canals to reach the destination safely.

With the assistance of a skilled crew comprising more than 10 members, the lifts were completed in two days, causing minimum disruption to the people in the neighborhood.

According to Project Manager, Luc De Meester, “Even though there were challenges, the customer was happy with how well the project was done. This clearly demonstrates the professionalism and expert skills of our team. Congratulations to all!”