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KEZAD announces strategic partnership with etisalat

KEZAD Communities, a leader in integrated community solutions, under KEZAD Group has announced a strategic partnership with etisalat by e& to redefine the digital landscape of Razeen Worker Residential City in Abu Dhabi.

This collaboration facilitates etisalat by e& to deploy advanced technological solutions to significantly elevate the living standards of the city’s residents. It will see the implementation of a comprehensive upgrade of the digital infrastructure within Razeen Worker Residential City, ensuring the entire facility, including all rooms and common areas are equipped with Managed Wi-Fi, powered by etisalat by e&.

This initiative is expected to benefit the residents of the city, which are equipped to accommodate more than 50,000 people, providing them with seamless, high-speed, and unlimited Wi-Fi connectivity. The project involves the installation of advanced fibre optic cables, high-performance switches, and wireless access points throughout the city, facilitating a robust and reliable digital network.

Abdulaziz A. Bawazeer, CEO KEZAD Communities said: “Digital connectivity is of paramount importance in today’s world, especially for our workforce in the emirate. At KEZAD Communities, we are deeply committed to enhancing the standard of living for our residents. We recognise that digital access is not just a luxury, but a necessity that bridges distances, connects cultures, and opens up a wealth of knowledge and opportunities.

“Our partnership with etisalat by e& is a significant stride towards realising this vision. By equipping Razeen Worker Residential City with state-of-the-art digital infrastructure, we are not just providing Internet access; we are fostering a community that is informed, engaged, and connected with the world.”

Esam Mahmoud, Senior Vice President, Small and Medium Business, etisalat by e&, commented: “We’ve been a trusted partner for businesses, helping them go digital. For decades, etisalat by e& has been working on communication networks and digital infrastructure in the UAE, following the country’s vision to become a digital leader globally. Our focus is on connecting communities and speeding up the move to digital. We’re now planning to bring better value and advanced Wi-Fi solutions to all workers and tenants in the Razeen city.”

The collaboration between etisalat by e& and KEZAD Communities is more than a technological upgrade; it signifies a step towards a more connected and socially progressive community. By leveraging the synergy of KEZAD Communities’ accommodation expertise and etisalat by e&’s digital prowess, this partnership is poised to make a significant impact on the socio-economic landscape of the region.

In addition to infrastructure enhancement, this partnership is a testament to KEZAD Communities and etisalat by e&’s commitment to community support. etisalat by e& will offer residents of Razeen City on-site end-user support service, attractive promotions and packages, fostering a digitally inclusive and connected community.