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K Marine and Solverminds jointly develop SIRE 2.0

K Marine Ship Management Pte. Ltd. (KMSM), a ship management company of the Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. (“K” LINE) Group, completed the development of a dedicated SIRE 2.0*¹-ready management module with SVM Solutions and Technologies Pte. Ltd. (Solverminds).

This module is based on KMSM’s KONeCT*² ship management business platform and this development is ahead of the initiatives of other companies.

KMSM manages reports on ship safety, inspections, maintenance and other matters on KONeCT. KMSM and Solverminds started jointly developing a dedicated SIRE 2.0 management module that works on KONeCT in 2022. The dedicated management module was built to comply with the SIRE 2.0 ship inspection process. The module incorporates items from the new CVIQ*³ standard for SIRE 2.0,enabling the comprehensive management of processes from the preparation for inspections to the reporting after the completion of inspections. It is expected to increase the quality and efficiency of business.

The “K” LINE Group will further advance the digitalization of information and administrative processes as well as vessels, maintain providing industry leading safe and optimal service and continue to ensure safety in navigation and cargo operations.