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Bollore in China shares what’s at the heart of their innovation

Supply chains today face many disruptions.

The need for robust and advanced operational execution is more important than ever. Digital transformation is needed to create simplicity, increase operational efficiencies, and improve customer experience.

For Bolloré Logistics in China, digital agility is at the heart of its digitalization and innovation.

Since its establishment in 2017, Bolloré Logistics Data Management Center (DMC) is at the forefront of digital transformation. By improving data quality, visualization and intelligent automation, it enhances process efficiency and reliability, to offer operations teams and customers a smoother digital experience.

To improve data quality, DMC works with the operations teams on actual business scenarios to establish standardized operating procedures and data supervision procedures. It ensures every facet of data within the organization; architecture, quality, analytics and visualization, is managed with precision and efficiency.

DMC has a dedicated team set up to provide visual display of information and data-driven insight for internal performance management and supplier quality monitor. By providing a holistic view of the operation with visual dashboards, it leverages the digital assets to support strategic decisions on the development of the business.

One of DMC’s standout achievements is the complete overhaul of the event management process, which has been transitioned seamlessly into a fully automated model. Activities such as data extraction, data capture, event updates, storage, analysis, and visualization can now occur without human intervention.

With a new paperless office in Nanjing, DMC intends to lead the way in shaping the future of data management and innovation for Bolloré Logistics Greater China.