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Gruber Logistics transports chimney modules to Egypt

The Gruber Logistics team in the Czech Republic transported a total of five chimney modules from Brno to Týnec nad Labem, around 180 kilometres away.

They will now be stored in the inland port until the Elbe has enough water again. Then the modules will travel by inland waterway ship to Hamburg, from where they are taken by sea to their destination in Egypt.

Gruber Logistics is responsible for organizing the first two stages to Hamburg and also carrying out the road transport. The planning took a few weeks. Plenty of preparations were necessary, especially for the road transport. Part of the route led along narrow and winding country roads, as well as through towns and bridges along the way.

Due to the heaviest module weighing 80 tons by itself, and a total weight of 135 tons including the truck and trailer, a bridge survey had to be carried out in advance to ensure safe transport. The other dimensions – the largest part was around 30 meters long, over 4 meters wide and more than 6 meters high – also called for traffic control measurements, including the removal of signs and guard rails and the lifting of cables. Gruber Logistics received support from energy suppliers and electricians as well as the Czech police, who also accompanied the transports.

The modules were transported in two separate convoys, each taking two days from Brno to Týnec nad Labem. For this purpose, three semi-trailers were used, the largest with ten axles, and two low-loaders, which, in addition to the modules, also loaded a special spreader beam for lifting the extraordinary freight.

The transshipment in Týnec nad Labem was then carried out by a mobile crane. Here, the modules were secured on so-called elephant feet. Gruber Logistics has erected a mobile fence for the temporary storage period, and a security service ensures the safety of the freight until it is transported further.