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FLS Singapore completes delivery to Ghana

FLS Group Singapore, a member of the Project Logistics Alliance, has completed the delivery of a crew boat from Jurong port, Singapore, to Takoradi, Ghana.

The Aluminium Monohull Fast Multi-Role Security Vessel, which weighed 160 tons, will be used for relocating personnel from and to the deployment area at its final destination.

The 40-meter-long, 7.6-meter-wide, and 8.5-meter-high cargo was loaded overside from water onto a vessel deck and transported by sea to Takoradi, covering a total distance of over 10,000 kilometres. Upon arrival at the port of discharge, the FLS Singapore team worked with a crane vessel to unload the crew boat directly onto the water.

Thanks to FLS Singapore’s meticulous attention to safety, the vessel was successfully loaded and unloaded without any damage. This successful delivery is another testament to FLS Singapore’s expertise in project logistics.