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Tadano and HeavyGoods join forces

It’s the moment the crane and heavy transport industry has been waiting for: crane manufacturer Tadano has joined forces with HeavyGoods, the leading provider of software for swept path simulation, axle load calculation, and load securing.

The cooperation makes Tadano the first crane manufacturer to have its entire range of all terrain cranes preloaded in the HeavyGoods crane catalog.

The online software offers major benefits for crane companies, as HeavyGoods managing director Susann Beyersdorfer explains: “With our HeavyGoods app, users can simulate crane driving maneuvers directly online on Google Maps or on their own drone aerial imagery, PDF site drawings, or official survey maps. They can then view the simulations as swept paths in video format.” And because it’s an online service, the software is always up to date, zero-maintenance, and accessible from any location – users simply log in and start simulating.

The benefits of the software are clear to Tadano, too. “Our customers are often faced with the challenge of how best to navigate tight spaces to get their cranes onto the construction site. In these cases, HeavyGoods is a huge help when it comes to selecting the best route,” says Martin Lottes, team leader of concept design at Tadano.

For these reasons, the crane manufacturer has decided to enter into a partnership with the Dresden-based software developer under which all data for its entire range of all terrain cranes is loaded into the HeavyGoods catalog. The benefit for users is that they don’t have to manually enter extensive crane datasets into the system. Instead, they can simply select preloaded datasets that have been verified by the crane manufacturer. And if they are already HeavyGoods customers, they can access the Tadano data right away and use them for their swept path simulations at no additional cost.

The partnership makes eminent commercial sense for operators of Tadano cranes, who can now simply go online and simulate all tight spots along the route from the crane’s starting location to the setup location on the construction site. This increases planning certainty and eliminates time-consuming detours and turning maneuvers. “Never again will our customers get their Tadano cranes stuck in tight spots en route,” says Martin Lottes. The software also streamlines collaboration with government agencies thanks to its professional driving-maneuver videos and ability to generate test reports complete with axle load information and documented load securing for heavy haulage operations.