Tschudi and R&B partner on month-long scrubber move

Tschudi Logistics collaborated with R&B Global Projects to complete the transportation of a Scrubber unit along with its accessories from Finland to Bosnia.

For one of their long-lasting Finnish clients, Tschudi Logistics Finland received a highly demanding transport task of a scrubber unit and accessories. The shipment consisted of 1000 CBM of OOG cargo. Some pieces were routed via road through Europe as oversized transports, with cargo unit lengths over 20 meters. But the scrubber unit itself proved to be more problematic as it measured too wide and high to be transported by road from origin to destination. Different routes were studied in the early phases of the planning, but the route which included transshipment in Antwerp and river transport from theretoward to Croatia and the last miles by road to Bosnia was chosen as the most suitable route for this specific cargo.

The scrubber was carried by truck from an inland location to the Port of Rauma, Finland from where it was shipped to the Port of Antwerp. In Antwerp, this cargo was transshipped onto a barge from where the R&B team took over. They sailed over the Scheldt-Meuse-Rhine-Main-Danube Canal to the inland Croatian river port named Vukovar. In Vukovar, the scrubber was unloaded ex barge directly onto the truck. The following evening this truck departed towards its final destination Zenica in Bosnia.

One of the main challenges of this transport was the height of this cargo which measured 4.855 meters which also included the trailer height and the protective gear made of wood and steel. Since it was impossible to reach the destination with the attained height, a special open trailer with removable cross beams was hired. The cargo could rest on it which made it sink in the hollow part of the trailer which helped to reduce its height. Furthermore, the steel cradle under the scrubber was replaced with protecting rubber and special molds which were separately delivered by the factory to ensure a snug fit onto the trailer.

By doing so, they achieved a final height of 4.95 meters. The maximum allowed passage was 4.96 meters, which the R&B team mastered in the end with a lot of patience and caution. But this was not the only challenge of this transport: only two days before leaving for the final destination, the Bosnian government placed cooling fans on the ceiling of a tunnel through which they needed to pass.

Since the R&B team had good relations with their partner, they were able to speak with the mayor of the town where the tunnel was situated and came up with a solution to remove these fans. They managed to go through and limit the costs incurred to only 7000€ by removing only two fans instead of the entire installation which was proposed in the first place. Even though this could have been considered as force majeure, R&B Global Projects took over for this cost and decided not to invoice Tschudi Logistics Finland since an all-in solution was offered.

In the end, the scrubber was delivered sooner than initially expected and in only one month. Furthermore, their clients are satisfied with the services offered by both Tschudi Logistics Finland and R&B Global Projects.