Höegh loads electric vehicles for Europe

Höegh Autoliners recently supported Lynk & Co with the transportation of their vehicles from Shanghai, China to Zeebrugge, Belgium.

The shipment marks the first batch of Lynk & Co vehicles to enter the European market in 2021.

The demand for more environmentally friendly vehicles has surged in Europe as more countries promote the adoption of low-to-zero emission vehicles in its efforts to decarbonise and modernise the European mobility sector.  

Since the launch of its first car in 2017, Lynk & Co has successfully developed several new models in the Chinese market. With the success in the domestic market, Lynk & Co launches in the European market, taking an important step towards globalisation.  

Lynk & Co 01 is built on a new Compact Modular Architecture platform, which was developed and designed by CEVT and Geely Design in Sweden and produced in China. The car is controlled by a shared digital key that can allow owners to provide access to other Lynk & Co cars. A subscription membership model was also launched in several European countries, with the plan to expand to other markets soon.

Christian Hall, Head of Sales East Asia says: “Lynk & Co’s subscription-based user model is a novel way of doing thing. We are proud to support Lynk & Co in transporting these units to the European market and look forward to seeing the vehicles on the road”.