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Hellmann helps donates to the Children’s Foundation Die ARCHE

Hellmann helps has donated a total of 64,000€ to the Children’s Foundation Die ARCHE (Arks) in Germany and Switzerland.

The non-profit organization, established in 2022 by Hellmann employees, supports crucial contact points for children, young people, and their families in need. As part of this donation campaign, local Hellmann teams will personally present a check of 8,000 euros each to eight Children´s Arks located near to Hellmann branches.

The donations aim not only to provide financial support but also to highlight the needs of disadvantaged children. The initiative seeks to foster long-term partnerships between Hellmann employees and Die ARCHE, contributing to the sustainable improvement of living conditions for children and their families. The Childcare centers offer daily free hot meals, homework assistance, leisure activities with sports, games, music, and extensive care and attention. As part of the initiative, Hellmann helps supports Arks in Duesseldorf, Dresden, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Kreuzlingen (CH), Leipzig, Osnabrueck and Stuttgart.

“Children are our future. To develop self-confidence, they need not only basic care but also recognition and appreciation. The Children´s Foundation Die ARCHE provides all of this by helping children and young people discover their potential, develop their talents, and prepare for an independent life. Our fundraising campaign is a contribution to this vital work,” said Martin Eberle, Chairman of the Board of Hellmann helps e.V.

Ark founder Bernd Siggelkow adds: “According to the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, 4.6 million children in Germany are currently living in or near poverty. An unimaginable number of individual fates. And because children are not only the future, but above all live now and today, they need our help today too. We are therefore very pleased about the commitment of Hellmann helps and the Hellmann employees, who support our arks not only financially, but also on site in many individual actions.”