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Hiab launches the HIAB eX.HIPRO crane

Hiab, part of Cargotec, launches the HIAB eX.HIPRO crane featuring cutting edge technological advancements in load handling for energy efficiency, increased productivity and ease of use with minimal environmental impact.

Energy-Efficient and Electric Vehicle (EV) ready — the new HIAB eX.HIPRO provides unprecedented efficiency with energy savings of up to 30% with its advanced all-new hydraulic systems. The cutting-edge, pressure-compensated, and load-sensing hydraulics are optimised for high oil flow, reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, making operations not only more efficient but also environmentally friendly and quieter. The HIAB eX.HIPRO is ready for the future with its compatibility with electric vehicles. When installed with a diesel engine, its engine control with Dynamic RPM and Automatic Start/Stop functionality further enhances energy efficiency, ensuring operations are at peak performance with minimal environmental impact.

Superior Control and Precision — at the heart of the HIAB eX.HIPRO is the SPACEevo control system, the latest in intelligent control technology. Combined with the Olsbergs V200 valve and PFD function, the eX.HIPRO offers smooth and fluid simultaneous movements, reducing pressure drops and heat generation. This system ensures precise control, making even the most complex manoeuvres easy to execute. “With our customers’ needs in mind, we created the HIAB eX.HIPRO loader crane range to offer a leading market performance, substantial energy efficiency savings, superior capacity, speed and precision. Helping our customers in their sustainable growth journey is key for us and the HIAB eX.HIPRO is a product that will greatly aid in those efforts,” says Barry McGrane, SVP Loader Cranes Light and Medium, Hiab.

Optimised for Complex Tasks — Designed for businesses that require superior performance, the HIAB eX.HIPRO excels in applications needing high capacity, speed, and precision. Its intuitive controls and state-of-the-art sensor safety features facilitate easy handling and training, enabling operators to achieve higher productivity with less effort.

Enhanced Productivity and Uptime — The HIAB eX.HIPRO is designed to maximise uptime and productivity. Its robust construction and superior quality components ensure long-lasting performance, backed by extensive warranties, five years on the steel structure and two years (three as option) on all other parts, and a wide network of service support. The HIAB eX.HIPRO can be tailored to the customer’s specific needs with a range of optional features, including variable pump flow and crane tip control. These add-ons enhance the crane’s versatility, making it the ideal choice for professionals who demand the best in every operation.

This launch includes the HIAB eX.142 HIPRO, HIAB eX.162 HIPRO, HIAB eX.192 HIPRO and HIAB eX.232 HIPRO cranes that are available in different configurations.