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EZ Link executes transport to Germany

EZ Link are pleased to share a recent shipment they handled involving heavy machinery, from Kaohsiung Port in Taiwan to Hamburg, Germany.

The company transported two sets of the heavy and out-of-gauge cargo via container vessel.

The first set featured dimensions of 7.75 (L) x 4.65 (W) x 3.50 (H) meters with a weight of 83,000 kg. The second set measured 7.33 (L) x 4.05 (W) x 5.33 (H) meters with a weight of 54,000 kg.

To meet the client’s request for a time-conscious delivery to their site in Poland, EZ Link’s professional team arranged this shipment to be swiftly discharged from Hamburg Port in Germany by container service to the site in Poland using a breakbulk vessel.

“The clients in Taiwan and Poland were rather satisfied with EZ Link offering ‘timely and reliable service’ as always.”