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Royal Cargo accomplishes impressive feat by delivering TBMs

Royal Cargo Inc., member to the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) for the Philippines, accomplished an impressive engineering feat by delivering enormous tunnel boring machines (TBM), also known as “moles,” used in excavating tunnels for the Metro Manila Subway project in the Philippines.

A shipment of heavy machinery arrived at Manila Harbour Centre Port. The cargo was mobilized and transported to the Camp Aguinaldo Station the following day.

Eng. Lawrence Esteban, the Project Manager and Head of Transport emphasized: “Every project move is unique and requires meticulous planning and execution. The transportation of the machine part posed a significant challenge due to its overwidth, which extended two meters on each side. As a result, almost all roads were closed to the public, and transportation was limited to the machine only. With the assistance of the Highway Patrol Group, LGU, and MMDA, traffic flow was coordinated to guide the public and ensure the safety of the people, equipment, and vehicles.

Transporting massive machines requires careful preparation, and the Royal Cargo team executed the task flawlessly, showcasing their expertise and commitment to excellence. This achievement is a significant milestone for the country’s infrastructure, and Royal Cargo’s Projects and Heavylift division played a crucial role in its success.”

As the renewable energy and infrastructure industry continues to grow in the Philippines, Royal Cargo is committed to improving its Project Transportation division by focusing on providing high-quality, state-of-the-art equipment and cranes.

To reafirm this commitment, a special blessing ceremony was held on May 22, 2024, to celebrate the acquisition of new heavylift equipment at the Royal Cargo P3 facility. The special blessing ceremony was honored by the presence of Chairman and CEO, Mr. Michael Kurt Raeuber, along with the experts from the Projects and Heavylift department.

The company has invested 5.4 million euros in new equipment to meet clients’ evolving needs and ensure top-notch service and equipment reliability. The new units of equipment include the following:2 pcs GOLDHOFER Heavy Duty Combination Module with 6-axle lines, Type THP/SL 6 split R and Accessories; 4 pcs GOLDHOFER tower adapter, Type RA 3-100 and Accessories incl. GOLDHOFER Long Load Bolster Tables and Accessories; 2 pcs GOLDHOFER Gooseneck, Type SH-35/2 UNI and Accessories; 2 sets GOLDHOFER vessel deck, Type KB 500 A and Accessories; 2 sets GOLDHOFER Blade Transport Device, Type FTV 850 and Accessories; 14 Nos. GOLDHOFER tower adapter. Type RA 2-110 and Accessories.

Mr. Rodrigo “Toddy” de Roma, Senior Vice President of Projects and Heavylift, stated: “The recently acquired units will be used in three distinct projects, including the KY2 Wind Farm Project. These projects require our specific expertise and are part of our ongoing initiatives to expand our capabilities and serve the more demanding transport requirement of third-generation WTGs (wind turbine generators)”.