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Nooteboom assists with low loader for the Dutch army

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The Royal Netherlands Army Props Committee (RCKL) transports military equipment from the Historical Collections of the Royal Netherlands Army throughout the country. Within the Netherlands, they primarily manage the transport themselves. One of their trailers, the EURO low loader, recently underwent a significant overhaul. The trailer was expertly dismantled and then rebuilt according to the latest technological standards. This process took us 16 weeks at Nooteboom’s branch in Wijchen.

The renewed low loader is going back to work at the Bernhard Barracks for the first time. For this special occasion, the trailer is loaded with an old Centurion battle tank from the 1950s.

Bob Burks, Nooteboom Sales Manager Service, supervised this project and, along with his team, is satisfied with the end result. The entire chassis has been thoroughly inspected and received a new coating.

Mr. Santes (Chairman of RCKL) smiles broadly as he hears this. He nods and emphasises once again how important the low loader is to their organisation. “It is truly a unique vehicle because it can handle not only normal loads but also extra high loads. In terms of weight, it can carry a lot, allowing us to transport heavier vehicles for the organic army units as well.

This means we don’t need to hire an external party, which saves a significant amount of budget. Especially considering that we drive about 60 to 70 thousand kilometers per year with it.”

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