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Peiner Träger relies on KAMAG IHT

The innovative technology, performance and robustness speak heavily in favour of the industrial lift transporters from TII KAMAG.

Dirk Lübbe, in charge of work preparation for internal vehicle maintenance at steel producer Peiner Träger, also praised the ongoing development process of the vehicles, their cost-effectiveness as well as the service and spare parts supply.

Triple strength – this is the formula for success behind the collaboration between Peiner Träger and TII KAMAG, the TII Group subsidiary and industry expert for in-plant logistics. “Strong technology, strong performance, strong partnership!” is how Dirk Lübbe, responsible for work preparation for internal vehicle maintenance at Peiner Träger, described the decision to purchase KAMAG industrial lift transporters (IHT) – a supplier-customer relationship that has existed for several decades now. The steel producer has relied on transport solutions from TII KAMAG since 1984. The Salzgitter AG subsidiary transports various types of steel beams and sheet piling with the KAMAG IHT.

Increasingly more efficient and cost-effective: TII KAMAG continues to develop transporters very much in the interests of its customers

In addition to the vehicle performance and robustness, fleet professional Dirk Lübbe praised the fact that the experts at TII KAMAG have continually developed the industrial vehicles and their cost-effectiveness with the interests of its customers at the forefront of the company´s philosophy. As one example, he highlighted the enhanced functionality of the steering programmes: “The introduction of the transverse drive mode for driving under transport pallets from the side has led to an enormous optimisation of our plant logistical operations,” he said.

According to Peiner Träger, another argument in favour of TII KAMAG is the support customers receive from the special vehicle manufacturer’s service and training experts. Ultimately, logistics in a steelworks must run smoothly around the clock in order to avoid costly downtimes. “TII KAMAG offers us a comprehensive range of services and spare parts supply as well as expert on-site training,” said the company. This is what is meant by a cooperative and professional collaboration. Peiner Träger will therefore continue to rely on the TII Group’s products and services in the future according to the vehicle fleet professional.