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Hiab launches the next-gen Hiab wspr

Hiab, part of Cargotec, launches a new portfolio of emission-free, quiet electric hybrid crane solutions able to operate using power from both the truck engine and a separate electric power take-off (ePTO).

The battery pack for two of three new models in the third-generation ePTO portfolio from Hiab is integrated on the crane base for easier installation and a more compact size. HIAB wspr is available as an option for mid range HIAB loader cranes in the HiPro range.

“A HIAB wspr solution, operated by electric power, is better for people and the planet as it is emission-free and future proofs businesses for stricter regulations. By being emission-free and near silent it also provides the flexibility to operate in low- or no-emission zones, or late at night, thereby increasing business opportunities. This is also providing a healthier working environment for operators and the communities they serve,” says Mattias Berglund, Director, Global Product Management, Special Applications and Digital Products, Loader Cranes Light & Medium, Hiab.

The Standard model, designed for the larger segment of the market, is integrated on the crane base and is capable of 1–2 days of work for most applications.
The Light Duty model, tailored for drop-off applications, is also integrated into the crane base.

The Heavy Duty model caters to customers who work long hours or require extended periods between charging. It is mounted on the truck chassis.
New space-saving installations and improved operational response

The integrated ePTO installation saves space on the truck frame, ideal for modern vehicles where space is limited. Used on an electric truck, the HIAB wspr solution conserves the truck’s battery to provide maximum range and operation time. When using electric power, the hybrid system delivers strength and precision on par with diesel power but with an improved operational response as it has instant torque similar to an electric vehicle. In the event of a depleted battery, customers can switch to the truck engine to complete the task. The HIAB wspr comes with a two-year warranty, but battery cells have five years. The Standard model is available to order now globally, while the Light Duty and Heavy Duty models will be launched later in 2024.