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CF&S organises reloading of oversized cargo in Paldiski

CF&S Estonia are pleased to share an unexpected challenge they encountered this past month that put their problem-solving skills to the test.

Due to a strike in Finland starting March 11, 2024, the company were enquired for a reloading operation of oversize cargo in the Southern Port of Paldiski, instead of the intended Port of Helsinki.

The team at CF&S Estonia quickly adapted, despite it requiring a lot of short-notice coordination; from securing a docking spot to handling all the necessary paperwork for customs and permits.

The task at hand involved moving a metal reactor, an enormous object weighing 174,500 kg and measuring 31.0 x 3.87 x 4.07 meters.

Thanks to the efficient work of their team, CF&S managed to transfer this reactor from the vessel ‘Koga Ranger’ to a self-propelled modular transporter using the ship’s cranes.

From there, it was carefully moved onto the barge, securely fastened, and then transported safely to the Port of Porvoo.

“This operation not only demonstrated our ability to adapt to unforeseen challenges but also highlighted the strength and creativity of our team.”