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Falcon International ensures on-time engine delivery

Project Logistics Alliance is happy to announce that Falcon International, representing Canada in the alliance, has successfully completed a project from meticulous planning to a flawless execution.

The journey started from Houston, Texas to Hays, Kansas. The cargo measured 927 x 302 x 429 cm and weighed 85,433 Kg. The scope was the relocation of a new engine and removal of the old engine from inside the plant. Additionally, the process required mobilization of necessary equipment with end-to-end coordination.

The engine was transported as part of a power generation plant project based in Hays, Kansas set to provide electricity to residential areas and the industrial sector.

To achieve this movement the following steps were necessary: engine relocation via Jack & Slide techniques, timely arrival of a 13-axle truck, mobilization of a 260-ton crane, route survey for smooth transport, and permit acquisition for time-critical moves.

The primary challenges encountered during the shipment process were ensuring the timely availability of a truck at the Houston Terminal, obtaining permits for this time-sensitive operation, and coordinating the delivery of specialized lifting equipment for the trans-loading of the engine. Despite these challenges, the Falcon International team demonstrated exceptional professionalism and problem-solving skills, successfully overcoming each hurdle.

This project exemplifies Falcon’s commitment to excellence and their ability to turn challenges into triumphs. Congratulations to team Falcon International for a job well done!