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Schares takes delivery of Tadano AC 4.100L-1 crane

Ask Christoph Schares, the managing director of the Bocholt, Germany-based crane service provider that bears his name, and he will tell you that the Tadano AC 4.100L‑1 is indisputably the best all-rounder in its class: “Its powerful lifting capacity, combined with a 59.4-meter-long main boom and an axle load lower than the 12-tonne limit, makes it an extremely cost-effective taxi crane,” he says while summarizing the main advantages behind the AC 4.100L‑1 from his perspective.

This is why he made sure not to miss out on traveling to Zweibrücken and picking up the crane in person together with Operations Manager Tim Schlattmann, Company Officer Eric Reichmann, and crane operator Klaus Kayser, with the crane being handed over by Tadano Sales Manager Helge Prüfer.

The team at Schares considers the AC 4.100L‑1’s extremely compact design to be another crucial advantage, as it provides the machine with enormous maneuverability. This, together with all of the crane’s characteristics taken together, is what makes the AC 4.100L‑1 the perfect taxi crane for Schares. In fact, the company will use it for a broad range of jobs, including civil engineering projects, steel construction work, and lifts for the chemical industry. “And it goes without saying that the AC 4.100L‑1 is also perfect for erecting large cranes,” adds Eric Reichmann when going over the ways that the crane will be used in Schares’ fleet. A fleet, it is worth mentioning, that has long had the cranes from Zweibrücken as a mainstay, with examples including the AC 350-6, the AC 160‑5, and, of course, City cranes such as the AC 40‑1.