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Bertschi endorses Antwerp Declaration for a European Industrial Deal

Bertschi Group, a leading provider of logistics services to the chemical industry, announces its endorsement of the Antwerp Declaration for a European Industrial Deal, joining over 500 signatories across 20 sectors in a united call for action.

The declaration, aimed at complementing the European Green Deal, emphasizes the critical role of industry in achieving climate neutrality while preserving high-quality jobs for European workers.

“The European Industrial Deal represents a crucial necessity for collaboration and innovation in addressing the pressing challenges of our time,” says Jan Arnet, CEO of Bertschi Group. “By uniting behind this shared vision, we support the urgent need for clarity, predictability, and confidence in Europe, its industrial policy, and a secure and sustainable future for generations to come.”

Specializing in providing sustainable and efficient logistics solutions for the chemical industry, Bertschi Group understands the importance of sustainability and resilience in industrial operations. By endorsing the European Industrial Deal, the company reaffirms its commitment to supporting the transition towards a greener, more competitive European industrial landscape.

“As a logistics company deeply committed to sustainability, we recognize that prioritizing investment in rail infrastructure and utilizing alternative energy sources significantly reduce carbon emissions and contribute to a greener future for Europe. To enable the success of the European Green Deal, a European Industrial Deal on same level needs to be adopted” says Hans-Jörg Bertschi, Chairman of Bertschi Group. Central to the declaration are ten key calls to action, including targeting infrastructure development to catalyze industrial transformation and enhance cross-border connectivity. Additionally, there is a focus on elevating competitiveness as a strategic priority, implementing a strong public funding chapter for clean technologies and prioritizing affordable and abundant low-carbon energy.

Furthermore, the declaration advocates for leveraging the single market, fostering innovation, and ensuring streamlined law-making processes. It also emphasizes the need for cohesive leadership and integrated approaches within the European Commission.

In endorsing the declaration, Bertschi Group emphasizes its commitment to a sustainable, competitive and resilient industrial landscape in Europe. By uniting behind this shared vision of the European Industrial Deal, signatories aim to demonstrate the viability of the European Green Deal and foster a just transition which benefits both industry and society.