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ABL donates IT equipment to local school

ABL, the independent global energy and marine consultants with their asset integrity management headquarters in Aberdeen city centre, donated 48 Computers as well as 64 flat screen monitors to a local high school.

“To remain at the cutting edge for our digital solutions and cyber security, we upgrade our equipment frequently which leaves us with IT supplies that still have a useful life. We contacted a local high school in the hopes that they could put this equipment to use, and they gratefully accepted. This is a great example of re-use and taking a circular economy approach to IT equipment,” says Stuart Murray, Head of Technical at ABL.

“It also feels good to support local education. Who knows, maybe one day some of the kids at this school will become engineers and start working at ABL”, Murray adds.

The ethos of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles are at the heart of ABL Group. We embrace sustainability and this donation echoes our belief in responsible corporate citizenship. By repurposing and redistributing technology that still holds utility, we champion a circular economy approach, minimising waste while maximising impact.

Through initiatives like these, we strive to leave a lasting, positive footprint on our local communities.