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Scholpp takes delivery of Tadano all terrain crane

For Scholpp, it appears that the latest Tadano AC 4.080-1 is the crane of choice in its class.

Why else would the Stuttgart, Germany-based crane services provider have ordered four of them at once? The first was handed over a while ago, and Scholpp Heilbronn branch manager Patrick Löffler recently took delivery of the second at the Tadano plant in Zweibrücken. The handover honors were performed by Tadano sales manager Michael Zieger.

What impresses Patrick Löffler the most about the Tadano AC 4.080-1 is its winning combination of compact dimensions, a 60-meter boom length, and high lifting capacities, especially at steep boom positions. The AC 4.080-1 also has everything he was looking for on the equipment front – including the unique Surround View camera system, which Scholpp made a point of ordering. This patented technology uses cameras to generate a computer-assisted display of the maximum possible outrigger extension lengths for any given work location, making it easier for the operator to position the crane optimally on the job site. The system also provides assistance on the way to the site by making it easier for crane operators to spot pedestrians and cyclists when turning.

Other add-ons that Scholpp ordered with its new AC 4.080-1 include connections for an e‑PACK. The e-Pack is an electro-hydraulic system that enables zero-emission crane operation, making the AC 4.080-1 the ideal choice for heavily built-up city locations, nighttime lifts in residential areas, and assignments inside factory halls. Scholpp will use its new AC 4.080-1 mainly in the Heilbronn region for lifts for construction and steel fabrication customers, as well as for moving heavy items of machinery. “But I’m sure we’ll find one or two jobs for it in other areas as well, because the AC 4.080-1 is a true all-rounder,” says Patrick Löffler. For him, the new crane is the perfect addition to the Scholpp fleet, which already includes numerous Tadano City, all terrain, and truck-mounted cranes spanning lifting capacities from 40 to 700 tonnes.