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JSI Alliance welcomes Intermarine

After three years in a successful joint venture, Dutch maritime heavy lift transport and engineering contractor Jumbo Shipping and German breakbulk and project cargo specialist SAL Heavy Lift are thrilled to welcome their American sister, multipurpose and liner operator Intermarine, to the group.

On 1 March 2024, JSI Alliance will be ready to set sail with a new combined fleet of 50 vessels.

Jumbo, SAL and Intermarine have reached a significant milestone – one that resonates throughout the world of heavy lift shipping. They have joined forces to create a new industry powerhouse with the experience, legacy and reputation of these three renowned carriers, combing their fleets and all commercial activities for breakbulk and project cargo. What can be seen as the evolution of the commercial alliance Jumbo and SAL formed in 2021, JSI Alliance builds on the same fundamental principles. They will provide a unified commercial entry point for sales and marketing for their joint network of offices and agents in 23 countries worldwide. Versatile and flexible, the large fleet of around 50 vessels ranges from effective multipurpose vessels to the most advanced heavy lift ships in the world, with a lifting capacity of up to 3,000 t SWL. This essentially creates a real one-stop shop for customers seeking all kinds of maritime breakbulk or project transport solutions.

Intermarine President Richard Seeg explains: “This is a great step for Intermarine and a significant milestone for us in our over 35 years of business. We’re a sister company to SAL, which means we’ve had some cooperation up to this point. But forming a real commercial joint venture and alliance marks the beginning of a new and greater adventure. I’ve truly admired what Jumbo and SAL have managed to achieve over the past three years, and I’m excited to bring the Intermarine product to the joint venture. This will add more services and an expanded reach to the portfolio. With our strength, especially in the Americas, I’m sure our alliance is off to a great start.”

JSI Alliance stands for both commercial flexibility as well as technical excellence, offering semi-liner and liner services as well as customised project shipping solutions around the world. Services range from effective transport solutions for small parcels and single cargo items to the most complex industrial cargo units. The ability to combine services and transport solutions gives customers a new multitude of options.

Laurens Govers, Director Chartering & Projects at Jumbo Shipping, adds: “When we launched our commercial alliance with SAL three years ago, we weren’t sure how the market and our customers would receive this new take on a commercial cooperation in the heavy lift sector. Today, we look back at the success it’s been. Through our growing relationship with Intermarine as well, I’m confident that our new setup and wider service scope as JSI Alliance will be a valuable addition to our platform. Every customer, from EPCs and industrial equipment manufacturers to project freight forwarders, will find transport services that can benefit their business and projects in our new constellation.”

The Jumbo and SAL services and fleets are highly complementary, but the Intermarine “products” are somewhat different and expand the scope. The Intermarine fleet is based on standardised, effective multipurpose vessels typically geared up to max 500 t SWL, essentially where the Jumbo and SAL vessel portfolio begins. Furthermore, Intermarine is highly experienced in operating a mix of owned and time-chartered vessels, both on a short- or long-term basis. While the owned fleet typically takes on complex cargo operations, volume cargo and vessel positions may require a different approach. The focus on flexible commercial solutions that Intermarine brings to the table really helps JSI Alliance achieve their goal of being a true one-stop shop for customers.

Intermarine COO Lars Rasmussen says: “We have a setup where we can combine many different vessels and service scopes. With JSI Alliance, you can find simple, straightforward transport solutions as well as the capacity to handle the most complex heavy lift projects. We can combine standard multipurpose ships, with mighty heavy lifters, deck carriers and even in some case bulk vessels – all under our operation and management. I’ve been in bulk, breakbulk and project shipping for over three decades now, and I’ve never seen a commercial solution as comprehensive as this.”
JSI Alliance holds a combined +120 years of experience between its three members. The fleet and service scopes differ somewhat in the new joint venture, but Jumbo, SAL and Intermarine share a very similar culture and values. This is essential in a close, unified commercial structure where all sales teams work from the same platform.

SAL Heavy Lift Managing Director Jens Baumgarten summarises: “We’ve obviously gained vital experience in our years of commercial partnership with Jumbo. JSI Alliance emerged more or less organically with our closer commercial cooperation with our sister company, Intermarine. That being said, we’ve worked intensively over the past several months to prepare and set up our structures so we can operate effectively from day one. Our greatest priority is keeping our customers happy – both during and after each project and shipment. We believe that the added value we create for our customers will strengthen relationships and lead to repeat transport inquiries over many years.”
JSI Alliance replaces Jumbo-SAL-Alliance as the unified marketing platform and brand. As operators and owners, however, Jumbo, SAL and Intermarine remain independent – allowing the three brands to be active in the market.
Intermarine CEO Svend Andersen stresses: “JSI Alliance is the pinnacle of commercial innovation in heavy lift shipping. My many years in shipping have given me good instincts for which collaborations work and which don’t. I have no doubt that this one is a winner. Combining our strengths both commercially and technically outmatches any other operator in the market. Whether in Asia, Europe, Africa, the US or South America – the JSI Alliance organisation ensures that every customer gets the best possible service.”

All sales offices are unified from day one as JSI Alliance offices represent all three members. Also, back-office support functions such as engineering, QHSE and project management will contribute to the alliance organisation, maximizing synergies between the entities.

Daan Koornneef, CEO of Jumbo Shipping, concludes: “I’ve truly enjoyed witnessing the progress and the effective way our three organisations have come together, where we build on the success of the now former Jumbo-SAL-Alliance. And Dr Martin Harren, CEO of SAL Heavy Lift and Harren Group, agrees: “For our company and group, it’s vital that we remain agile commercially and operationally, and seize the opportunities as they come – this is the true spirit of our organisations. JSI Alliance marks a new cornerstone for our business.”

JSI Alliance stands for sea logistics of all types of heavy lift, breakbulk and project cargo in all markets. Side by side, three of the most prominent and technologically advanced breakbulk and heavy lift carriers, Jumbo Shipping, SAL Heavy Lift and Intermarine, are combining their strengths and resources to deliver the best maritime transport solutions to customers worldwide. Three united teams and three fleets operate as one shared fleet – specialised in their respective business fields. And customers benefit from simplified, fullscope services. JSI Alliance controls and operates around 50 owned and chartered project cargo vessels – of these, 25 high-end project cargo vessels. With three DP2 vessels, four semi-submersible deck carriers, two range-extending Fly-Jibs and eleven ice-class vessels, JSI Alliance can reach almost any location and master the most demanding scopes. JSI can also organise time charter vessels if needed.

JSI Alliance provides highly flexible shipping solutions and an unparalleled range of breakbulk and project shipping services in the market. Lifting capacities from standardised multipurpose ships range from 160 t SWL to 3,000 t SWL. As such, JSI Alliance manages the largest fleet of vessels in the +800 t lifting segment as well as the most advanced green heavy lift ships, with Orca series vessels launching in 2024. This provides a commercial bandwidth that stretches from rapid positioning vessels for smaller or larger single shipments to large volume contracts and full-scope solutions for complex projects – all under one roof. A strong group of experienced professionals – commercial, engineering, project management, QHSE – works closely together with a combined network of agents and offices worldwide. They provide partnership, expert advice and safely delivered goods to a wide range of clients, including EPCs, brokers, forwarders, OEMs, energy companies and more.