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PLA shares completion of project undertaken by CEA

Project Logistics Alliance is pleased to share the successful completion of a project undertaken by CEA Projects, representing Vietnam in the network.

The project involved transporting boiler equipment for a petrochemical refinery, along with accompanying accessories.

The cargo was moved using a Man V10 prime mover with a pulling capacity of 250 tons, combined with a 12 Goldhofer axle lines hydraulic trailer. The cargo measured 16950 x 7520 x 6440 mm and weighed 139 tons. To facilitate the unloading process, 02 ship cranes, each with a capacity of 200 tons, and lifting gears were also employed.

The journey, originating in Haiphong, Vietnam, began with meticulous technical planning by the CEA Projects team. Despite encountering various challenges, such as the removal of overhead obstacles and the need for site clearance, the CEA team demonstrated exceptional professionalism. Furthermore, navigating through high traffic volumes on public roads during the Lunar New Year posed an additional challenge, which the CEA team overcame.

This cargo, a crucial part of constructing a petrochemical refinery, concluded its journey with CEA Projects after unloading at the Port of Beaumont in Texas. Special attention was given to fulfilling specific requests from the client’s side, such as ensuring the cargo was safe and packed in its original covering, obtaining shipping insurance, and acquiring certificates of quality and lashing from a third-party competent authority.

The CEA Projects team demonstrated their commitment to providing reliable services and handling challenging situations with suitable solutions.