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Bertling opens new office in Dusseldorf

Bertling are happy to introduce their new office in Düsseldorf, Germany, strategically located in the popular and international hotspot Media Hafen Area.

Named “The Cradle”, this circular pilot project is Germany’s first hybrid timber construction office building where innovation meets sustainability.

The Shared Service Center is very conveniently designed for all business needs, providing a professional and sustainable work environment. The office is ideally located with just a 15-minute drive from Düsseldorf International Airport and just 11 minutes from the Düsseldorf Main Train Station. Nestled in the heart of a modern international area, this space offers an excellent opportunity for our team to thrive.

Düsseldorf, known for its economic strength, is a dynamic business city close to the Benelux Areas. This strategic positioning allows Bertling to establish a robust and innovative virtual Airfreight Hub, providing direct access to major airports in Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Cologne, Amsterdam, Maastricht, and Brussels.