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China Shipping uses SCHEUERLE SPMT’s for historic building

Using a total of 300 SCHEUERLE SPMT axle lines, China Shipping Vastwin Project Logistics successfully moved a complex consisting of five buildings by 600 metres.

The heaviest structure wAeighed 10,000 tonnes. As a result, the heavy-load logistics and engineering service provider Vastwin set three records: transporting the heaviest and tallest building, moving it over the longest distance and overcoming the largest difference in height.

In China, historical buildings have to be relocated time and time again in order to meet environmental protection requirements. In the process, heavy-load logistic operators continue to set impressive records. SPMT axle lines from TII SCHEUERLE, a subsidiary of the TII Group and industry expert for heavy-load transportation on paved roads and off-road terrain, are regularly involved. This was also the case when transporting a complex of five historical buildings from the Ningxia Saishang Jiangnan Museum located in the north of the country. The magnificent and valuable houses had to make way for the floodplain landscape on the Yellow River.

The heavy-load logistics and engineering service provider China Shipping Vastwin Project Logistic, a subsidiary of the state-owned shipping company China Ocean Shipping Group (Cosco), were commissioned to move the five buildings, each one as a single entity, by a distance of 600 metres and also had to overcome a height difference of three metres. The complex was comprised of the main building weighing 10,000 tonnes as well as two outbuildings, each weighing 2,000 tonnes, along with an archway and one partition wall, each weighing 1,000 tonnes. For transporting the 43 metre high, 36.9 metre long and 31.5 metre wide main building, 300 SCHEUERLE SPMT axle lines and ten PPUs, likewise from TII SCHEUERLE, were required. The heaviest individual transport weighed a total of 11,450 tonnes.

In meeting this unique challenge, China Shipping Vastwin Project Logistics set three records. The main building was the heaviest and tallest load that had ever been moved in China and probably worldwide. In addition, it covered the longest distance ever covered in China carrying a building weighing more than 1,000 tonnes. Furthermore, it was the steepest incline ever mastered along a transport route.

Once again, SPMT modules from TII SCHEUERLE made an important contribution to setting the most spectacular records. It was only a year ago that the Sinotrans Heavy-Lift Co. moved a 7,500-tonne hotel using 254 SPMT axle lines whereby the uneven weight distribution of the asymmetrical, 90-metre-long and 20-metre-high building posed a major challenge on the 500-metre-long route. Now the triple record set by China Shipping Vastwin Project Logistics has already replaced this achievement and impressively demonstrates the performance of the SCHEUERLE SPMT modules, a segment in which the TII industry expert from Pfedelbach was recognised as the world market leader.