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Global Logistics arranges multimodal transport to Spain

Global Logistics Projects, our members from Switzerland, are glad to share a multimodal heavy lift transport they recently completed to Bilbao, Spain.

The cargo for this delivery involved a B6 tamping machine, which was measured at 31.7 (H) x 3.1 (W) x 5.2 (H) meters and featured a weight of approximately 139.25 tons.

It was picked up in Crissier, Switzerland by Global Logistics Projects with its destination site in Villada, Spain.

Unfavourable weather conditions created challenges for the company, with heavy rain leading to an almost two-hour delay in transit. Additionally, special instructions required the closure of the tram and bus lines throughout Lausanne the night before to facilitate the movement.

Global Logistics Projects made this delivery on DDP terms, excluding VAT, with unloading completed by two cranes on the railway tracks.

“The B6 machine was successfully loaded in Switzerland and delivered to the customer.”